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ENGL 301 Medieval Drama

Prerequisites: Junior standing and completion of the Aesthetic Appreciation/Literature requirement or ENGL 222, or permission of Instructor. (Second semester—even years/4 credits)

In this course, we will read, research, and perform early English drama. Our study will encompass many types of theatre from the period: lively Biblical episodes, sweeping saints’ lives, shocking miracle stories, clever tales of mischief, suspenseful battles for the soul, and witty, lighthearted interludes. We will consider these plays as pop culture, deeply enmeshed in the religious, political, and civic life of their age, as well as exploring how and why these plays have been categorized as “medieval” despite their continued flourishing throughout the Tudor period and beyond. All primary text readings will be in Middle English, but no previous coursework in the medieval period is required. (H1, G)