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Integrated Marketing Communication, B.A.

Directors: Donna Bertazzoni and Jerrold Van Winter

Requirements for the Major - 48 credits

CMA 201 News Writing or CMA 306 Business Writing in the Digital Age

CMA 226 Visual Media Production

CMA 305 Communications Law 

CMA 310 Public Relations

CMA 312 Communications Research 

or MGMT 423 Marketing Research Methods 

CMA 313 Writing for Public Relations

CAMG 330 Social Media

CAMG 399 Internship in Integrated Marketing Communication,

CMA 411 Public Relations Campaigns 

CMA 470 Seminar in Media Issues

MGMT 205 Principles of Management

MGMT 281 Principles of Financial Accounting 

MGMT 301 Organizational Theory and Behavior 

MGMT 306 Principles of Marketing

MGMT 406 Consumer Behavior and Analysis 

MGMT 424 Marketing Communications Strategy

Recommended to complete Quantitative Literacy section of core:

MATH 112 Applied Statistics; or PSY 211 Elementary Statistics; or ECMG 212 Statistics for Economics and Management

Recommended electives:

CMA 207 Principles of Speech, CMA 246 Graphics, ECON 205 Principles of Macroeconomics