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Sociology Major, B.A.

Sociology is the study of social life and the social forces that shape human experience. Students who major in sociology are prepared for a wide range of careers in areas such as social action, social research, human services and administration in government agencies, schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations and social agencies. Many sociology majors continue their education and pursue professions such as city and community planning, research, politics, social policy, administration, criminology, law, social work and higher education.

The sociology major provides a strong foundation in sociological theory and research skills.

Students also may take elective courses in a variety of more specialized subjects, such as social problems, gender, social inequality, ethnicity and criminology.

Many sociology majors undertake an internship or independent study as part of their program. Students have received credit for internships in government agencies, courts, law firms, political campaigns, women’s organizations, school systems, group homes for delinquents, research firms and health care agencies. Internships are individually arranged for students with specialized interests and career plans.

Requirements for the Major
The sociology major requires a minimum of 33 credits in sociology. Additionally, students must earn at least a C- in Sociology 260 and Sociology 261 to continue in the major.

The following sociology courses are required (23 credits):
  • SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 259 Sociological Theory
  • SOC 260 Methods of Social Research
  • SOC 261 Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences
  • SOC 470 Seminar in Sociology
  • SOC 482 Practicum in Social Research
Choose at least two from the following (8 credits):
  • SOC 300 Social Inequality
  • SOC 311 Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 318 Global Social Problems
  • SOC 323 Ethnicity in the United States
Choose at least two from the following (2 credits):
  • SOC 320A Skills Workshop: Career Preparation for Sociology Students
  • SOC 320B Skills Workshop: Grant Proposals
  • SOC 320C Skills Workshop: Evaluation Research