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Law and Society

First year

PSCI 203 or LWPS 230
SOC 101

PSCI 203* or LWPS 230 (if not taken in fall semester)
SOC 101* (if not taken in fall semester)

Sophomore year

LWPS 230 (if not taken in freshman year) or PSCI 307 

LWPS 230 (if not taken in freshman year) -or a political science or philosophy elective

Students who are interested in attending law school following graduation from Hood should refer to the Pre-Professional Preparation section of the Hood College Catalog. Dr. Janis Judson is Hood College’s pre-law advisor. Please discuss your plans for law school with Dr. Judson (Rosenstock 105, 301-696-3721).

Law and society majors who wish to study abroad in the junior year should keep this plan in mind when scheduling courses each semester. If they wish to study in a country where a foreign language is spoken, they must be sure to enroll in the appropriate language courses at Hood in the freshman and sophomore years.

Contact person: Dr. Janis Judson, Rosenstock 105, at 301-696-3721