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Political Science

First year

PSCI 203 or PSCI 210 or PSCI 215

PSCI 203**
A 200-level PSCI course

Sophomore year

PSCI 302 or PSCI 303
A 200-level political science course (PSCI 203*, PSCI 210*)

PSCI 205
PSCI 307 or PSCI 333


**This course should be taken 2nd semester freshman year if it wasn’t taken 1st semester.

*This course should be taken first semester sophomore year if it wasn’t taken during freshman year.

It is recommended that political science majors take ECON 205. In addition, competency in a foreign language is recommended.

Students who are interested in attending law school following graduation from Hood should see the Hood College Catalog and should meet with Dr. Janis Judson.

Political Science majors who wish to study abroad in the junior year should keep this plan in mind when scheduling courses each semester. If they wish to study in a country where a foreign language is spoken, they must be sure to enroll in the appropriate language courses at Hood in the freshman and sophomore years.