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Locations and Facilities

The locations and facilities chosen for the Coastal Studies Semester provide easy access to a wide variety of marine habitats and nearby sites of historical and cultural interest. Each institution is our base of operations for several weeks during the semester. As such, each provides a comfortable dormitory and kitchen where we prepare our meals, a well-equipped laboratory, scientific library and computers with access to the Internet.

We travel by van from site to site during the semester. In addition to personal belongings, we transport the scientific equipment and supplies necessary for in-depth studies of coastal environments. Our coastal expedition also makes extensive use of a "coastal studies library," a carefully selected collection of literature, reference texts, reprints and audiovisual materials that enhances and illuminates the hands-on experiences encountered.

Participants in the Coastal Studies Semester live and work at several locations as we travel throughout the mid-Atlantic region. During the Fall semester we will primarily utilize the scientific and educational resources of the following well-respected institutions: