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Programs Offered

Computer Science Major, B.S.

The major in computer science is intended to prepare students for employment in a computer-intensive field, or for graduate study in computer science. 

Computer Science Minor

The minor in computer science provides an organized exposure to the concept of software, its creation, structuring and uses. Study in computer science offers an additional career dimension to a major in virtually any field.

Web Development Minor

The minor in web development provides a substantial experience in web design and development for students who wish to develop or maintain websites in conjunction with their work in another discipline. The courses are designed to provide increasing depth, culminating in a guided practicum.

Computer Science, M.S.

Program Director: Xinlian Liu, Ph.D.;  301-696-3981

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a 33-credit degree program for persons seeking to enhance their professional qualifications and stature through graduate study in computer science. Individuals who graduate from the program will acquire knowledge and develop problem-solving skills that prepare them to hold a variety of scientific and technical positions in the area of computing applications. Graduates will also be prepared for further work at the doctoral level.

Information Technology, M.S.

Program Director: Elizabeth Chang, Ph.D.;  301-696-3564

The Master of Science in Information Technology degree is a 30-credit program of graduate study for professional development. It is intended for:

  • Persons holding bachelor’s degrees in computer science or a related field who will enter the program at an advanced level; and
  • Persons holding bachelor’s degrees in a discipline other than computer or information science who are seeking preparation for careers in these fields.

Management of Information Technology, M.S.

Program Director: Elizabeth Chang, Ph.D.;  301-696-3564

The Master of Science in Management of Information Technology is an interdisciplinary graduate degree designed to meet the growing demand for managers with both business and information technology skills. Managers in high technology firms and in firms and organizations that own and utilize information technology (IT) facilities often find it necessary to assess corporate IT needs; formalize these needs into requirements and specifications; design integrated IT solutions; assess the cost/benefit of such solutions; determine the impact on operations of such solutions; evaluate alternative technologies; manage the development, implementation and deployment of IT solutions; manage large technology projects; and manage technical employees.

Certificate in Cybersecurity

Program Director: Ahmed Salem, Ph.D.;  301-696-3731

The Certificate in Information Security is offered as a two-year, one-course-per-term (including one summer session) program, requiring three core courses and two electives.

Certificate in Regulatory Compliance

Interim Program Director: Steve Giardina, Ph.D.;  301-696-3653

This certificate program is designed to train scientists interested in developing regulatory expertise necessary for a career in regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical or healthcare industries. The eight courses in this program will provide the foundation needed to prepare for the Regulatory Affairs Certification examination sponsored by the Regulatory Affairs Professional Society.