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I-270 Technology Corridor

Hood College is located at the upper end of the I-270 Technology Corridor. The Corridor extends between Frederick, Md., and Washington, D.C., and hosts a large concentration of high-tech businesses and government agencies. Numerous software development companies, consulting agencies and statistical analysis firms are a short drive from campus and offer internship opportunities for students, as well as regular employment after graduation.  


Hood students have also completed internships with international businesses in the United States and abroad. Undergraduate internships are coordinated through the Career Center, linked in the Hood Resources menu. The department does not currently offer formal internships for graduate students. 

FAQs and Guidelines

Selected academic policy statements and guidelines are available online, forming a virtual Computer Science Academic Handbook. 


The FAQ for CIS Graduate Students answers all the questions you might have (and we wish you would ask) about the program, with complete information on program requirements, policies and procedures. 


The New M.S. in Computer Science - FAQ for Current Students answers questions about changing to the new program. 


The Software Engineering Project Guidelines provides detailed information about prerequisites, forming a project committee, developing a project proposal, required deliverables, and project completion. 


Also see the Master's Thesis Manual, available in printed format in the Graduate School Office. 

Jobs and Internship Opportunities

We've added a new Career Information page that lists job and internship opportunities that have come to our attention. Also look for postings on the bulletin board in the corridor outside HT 235.  

Useful Links

These links take you away from the computer science department site.