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Gary Cuddington

Gary Cuddington

Assistant Professor of Art and Studio Arts Coordinator

Tel: 301-696-3139
Office: Tatem Arts Center, Room 236
Office hours: Monday 1:40 p.m - 3:00 p.m., Tuesday 12:15 p.m., Wednesday 1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m., Thursday 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.


Gary Cuddington graduated from Kendall College of Art with a BFA in illustration in 2003 and two years later completed an MFA at Mason Gross School of the Arts of Rutgers University with a focus in fine art painting. Many of his early years making art were spent working in the studios of New York artists. This window into a wide range of contemporary methodologies shaped his interest in process and desire to help young artists function efficiently, while communicating wonderfully ambitious ideas.

Gary is best known for his paintings, which are saturated with bold and chaotic color arrangements, built to elevate moments of nostalgia and melancholy. His current series, Storyteller, took him away from the glossy, polished Dutch master painting style that he often gravitates towards. These new works use cinema screen proportions with theatrical presentation to develop narratives that dissect the process of creating. Large variations in detail and color saturation give the viewer a glimpse at the under-drawing as well as the raw untouched surface, which reveals the entire process.

His studio work consists of commissioned portraits, high-end decorative painting projects, including but not exclusively murals and polished Venetian plaster, and figurative narrative paintings that explore the mental impact of memories, social interactions, social hierarchies and the process of creating.

Gary finds it important that students, at an early stage, attain the ability to look at ideas in many ways, using multiple media, learning to trust their instincts while tuning their senses and strengthening technique. His classes are built on traditional techniques, while being open and flexible enough to allow for different learning and creating styles.

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Courses taught

  • ARTS 123: Drawing I
  • ARTS 237: Painting I
  • ARTS 338: Painting II
  • ARTS 339: Painting III
  • ARTS 210: Color Theory
  • ARTS 222: Exploring Techniques in Watercolor Painting
  • ARTS 316O: Phantasmagoria
  • ARTS 330: Skills for Surviving in Drawing and Painting
  • ARTS 469: The Business of Art
  • ARTS 470: Senior Seminar in Studio Art


  • MFA, Mason Gross School of the Arts of Rutgers University
  • BFA, Kendall College of Art and Design