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Tropical Marine Ecology

The department of biology at Hood College offers a unique opportunity to study tropical marine ecosystems first hand. If you have ever marveled over the myriad organisms found in coral reefs, sea grass beds, mangrove swamps and rocky intertidal and sandy beaches, and are curious to learn more about them, Hood's Tropical Marine Ecology course is for you! This 3-credit course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. It begins on Hood's campus with a week of introductory lectures and readings, followed by travel to the Bahamian Field Station on San Salvador Island for an intensive 10-day field experience. Students integrate previous lecture material with personal, on-site observations to gain a better understanding of the complex interactions in marine ecoystsems. In addition, students take part in a collaborative research project that is carried out in the field.

 Imagine white sand, turquoise water, a tropical climate and incredible sights to see around every corner, not your ordinary classroom setting, but all part of this extraordinary course, Tropical Marine Ecology.