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Management Advisory Council (MAC)


The Hood College Management Advisory Council (MAC) promotes an effective partnership among various stakeholders to provide valuable input on issues of strategic importance to the management programs, including the Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and the Master of Business Administration degree. The MAC is an advisory body; members will provide strategic guidance pertaining to the maintenance and continued enhancement of the management programs.

General Description

The Director of the MBA Program will act as the MAC Chairperson and will report to the Council on the current status of the programs. The body will meet on a biannual basis to discuss program quality and development, including topics such as outcomes assessment and accreditation efforts, curriculum design and programming, extra- and co-curricular activities, admissions standards and resource needs.


Members have been invited to join the MAC for a two-year term, unless otherwise noted. Current members include:

  • MBA Program Director (permanent member)
  • Department Chair (permanent member)
  • Provost, Dean of Faculty (permanent member)
  • Dean, Graduate School (permanent member)
  • Student Representative(s): Will Randall (MBA); Jessica Grant (BA)
  • Alumnae/i: Manuel Casiano (‘03 MBA); Denise Ryan (BA Alum)
  • Adjunct Faculty: Glen Weaver
  • Staff: Nancy Hennessey; Linda Hoffman
  • Employers: Peggy Kunka (Fort Detrick); Barbara Puig Cook (State Farm)
  • Government Officials: Jodie Bollinger (Office of Economic Development); Heather Gramm (Frederick City Government)

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • General Meeting February 2010
  • General Meeting September 2010