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Programs Offered

Communication Arts Major, B.A.

The program in communication arts is offered by the Department of English. The major is designed to prepare students for careers in converging media, including such applications as print news reporting and editing, magazine writing, broadcasting, digital media, public relations and online journalism. Communication arts offers a 42-credit major. Students interested in particular specialties, such as journalism, public relations, film studies and digital media, are guided to choose history, theory and skills courses that address those fields. Internships are integral to the program. Students have worked at public relations firms, non-profit agencies, web-based publications, newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, museums and other locations.

English Major, B.A.

The English department offers a variety of courses designed to expose the student to a wide range of literary texts and critical approaches. In English classes, students read, analyze and write about literature from a number of historical periods. The faculty provides the personal attention that enables each student to learn to write well, to think critically and thus to acquire the skills necessary for success in any profession. We believe that such study enhances the love and appreciation of literature, exercises the imagination and frees the mind from credulity and conformity.

Journalism Minor

The journalism minor is designed for noncommunication arts majors who may wish to write in their specialties for general audiences, or for those with an interest in journalism for whom a double major with communication arts is not feasible.

Literature Minor

Public Relations Minor

The public relations minor offers a range of courses combining theory and best practices in the field to students seeking to add depth to knowledge and skills in related majors.

Theater and Drama Minor

Drama and its active practice, theater, is an art form dedicated to expression and communication; exposure to and training in it can also serve students in a range of non- performative areas of study, such as education, management and social work.

Writing Minor

Coordinator: Aldan Weinberg

Creative Writing Concentration

At least 21 of the 30 required credits must be in literature.

Literature Concentration

At least 27 of the 30 required credits must be in literature.

Drama and Theatre Concentration

At least 21 of the 30 required credits must be in literature.