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Programs Offered

Mathematics Major, B.A.

The field of mathematics offers a variety of excellent career opportunities. The department offers both a major and a minor in mathematics; mathematics majors may also earn secondary teaching certification. Mathematics courses at Hood are taught with an emphasis on student participation, active learning, collaboration and the use of technology. Students at Hood work closely with faculty members. Classes are small, and students can explore topics that interest them. The senior seminar, in the history of mathematics, is student-organized and student-run. The department has a computer laboratory dedicated to mathematics classes, with computational and graphics software to support the mathematics curriculum.

Computational Science, B.S.

Computational science is a new, interdisciplinary field, one which uses applied mathematics and computer science to solve problems in another science. Computational science courses might address problems such as modeling the weather or earthquakes, or predicting subatomic particle behavior. In this major, you will take courses in mathematics and computer science to gain the basic skills and knowledge you need. At the same time, you will take courses in your chosen area of concentration (chemistry, ecology, molecular biology or physics) to obtain depth in an applied science. Then, as a senior, you will complete a project with two faculty advisors—one in mathematics or computer science and the other in your area of concentration—that will demonstrate the power of math and computing to address issues in your concentration field.

Mathematics Minor

A minor in mathematics will introduce students to the two major strands of mathematics, the continuous and the discrete. Students will then have the opportunity to explore an area of interest in greater depth.

Mathematics Education Minor

The mathematics education minor is open only to students majoring in early childhood education or elementary/special education.

Mathematics Education, M.S.

Program Director: Betty Mayfield, Ph.D.;  301-696-3736

The Master of Science in Mathematics Education is a 30-credit degree program consisting of 10 required and elective courses in mathematics, computer science and education. It is designed for current mathematics teachers seeking to enhance their professional qualifications through graduate study. Individuals who graduate from the program will acquire knowledge and skill in both mathematics and its teaching. Courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening, and in the summer, to accommodate working teachers.