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Programs Offered

Political Science Major, B.A.

A major in political science prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the public or private sectors, such as law; public administration at local, state or federal levels; or community advocacy. Combined with study in related disciplines, the political science major is a strong liberal arts program. It also is suitable for a double major combined with economics, history, management or a similar discipline.

Law and Society Major, B.A.

The law and society major integrates course work from sociology, political science and philosophy. It helps students understand, from a variety of perspectives, how an individual’s life is influenced by laws and how social institutions are created and regulated by law.

Environmental Science and Policy Major, B.A.

Students in this program complete a common core of courses in environmental studies, the natural sciences, the social sciences and mathematics. These courses also fulfill the Hood College Core Curriculum requirements for a foundations course in mathematics/computation; for the scientific thought courses in the Methods of Inquiry section; and for a course in social and behavioral analysis in the Methods of Inquiry section.

Political Science Minor

Coordinator: Paige Eager