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Filling Out Internship Forms 

Step 1: The Application


  • You must have at least a 2.5 GPA in the internship discipline and a 2.0 GPA overall
  • Completion of nine credits or three courses at the 200-level or above at Hood in the field in which you wish to intern

Signatures needed are

  • Career Center
  • Designated faculty adviser
  • Department chair

International students must obtain the signature of the international student adviser.

More information about specific academic disciplines can be found in the handbook online.

Step 2: The Student Learning Agreement

Once you have completed Part A, Part B requires information about the site you have chosen. Be sure to include an email address for the person who will be supervising you at the site.

Parts C, D and E should be completed by you and your faculty adviser.

Signatures needed are

  • Designated faculty adviser
  • Student
  • On-site supervisor

Step 3: Student Waiver Form

Signatures needed are

  • Student

Step 4: Orientation

You must register for an orientation seminar with the career center online.

You must bring your completed paperwork to orientation which includes:

  • Application
  • Student learning agreement
  • Student waiver form

Step 5: Registration

The career center will sign the bottom of the application.

You must take the yellow copy of the application to the registrar’s office.

Step 6: Time Sheet

  • You are required to complete 40 hours per credit earned.
  • Timesheets are due to the career center on the last day of classes.

Signatures needed are

  • On-site supervisor
  • Student