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Filling Out Internship Forms 

If you wish to do an internship for credit, there are three forms you need to fill out:

  1. an application (quadruplicate form)
  2. a student learning agreement
  3. a student waiver (your information and signature only)

These forms must be completed and returned to the Career Center by the beginning of the semester in which you are doing your internship. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us at (301) 696-3583 or You may also find more information in the internship handbook (see the link at left).

The Application 

Part A 

After filling out your information at the top of the form, please indicate in the right margin which discipline you will be doing the internship in and for how many credits (check the chart to see what your options are). Note that each credit hour requires 40 hours of work during the semester, which can be spaced out according to your schedule and the internship site needs.


During the January term, you are not allowed to do an internship for more than 3 credits and you are limited to 12 credits during the summer semester. Note that spring and fall internships are convered under full-time tuition, but January term and summer internships are not.

Part B 

Take the application to the Registrar's office so they may verify your degree status and GPA. You must have at least a 2.5 GPA in the internship discipline and a 2.0 GPA overall. Also, you must have completed at least 9 credits at the 200 level or above here at Hood in the discipline in which you wish to do your internship.

Part C 

If you are not an international student, you may skip this section. If you are, you must obtain the signature of the International Student Advisor.

Part D 

This section requires the signatures of your academic advisor, the chair of the department in which you are doing the internship, and the faculty internship advisor. The faculty internship advisor is a professor from the department in which you have chosen to do your internship. This is a person who will determine whether you pass or fail the internship.

Part E 

After completing the application, the learning agreement, and the student waiver forms, brings all forms back to the Career Center for approval. If you are approved, you will then be able to register.

The Student Learning Agreement 

Parts A-D 

Once you have completed Part A, you will need to enter information into Part B about the site you have selected. Be sure to include an email address for the person who will be supervising you at the site. We will send evaluation forms to this person twice during the semester and the information provided will be forwarded to your faculty advisor.

Parts C and D should be completed by you and your faculty advisor.

Part E 

The information required in section 1 of Part E is to be determined by you and your faculty advisor. Sections 2 and 3 are for you, your faculty advisors, and your site supervisor's information.


After signing the form and obtaining the signatures of your faculty advisor and onsite supervisor, you may return this form along with your completed application and waiver form to the Career Center.

Student Waiver 

This is the easy one. Fill in the blanks and sign. That's it!