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Business Cards and Letterheads

Hood College stationery and business cards with the new Hood logo are now available for purchase and ordering through the Duplicating Office.

The following sizes and types of letterhead are available from the duplicating office:

  • Generic letterhead with logo
  • Generic #10 envelopes with logo/return address
  • Address labels (stick-on) with logo/return address for 6x9 and 9x12 or larger envelopes and parcels
  • 6x9 white envelopes, plain, with no logo/return address
  • 9x12 white envelopes, plain, with no logo/return address

Letterhead and envelopes will vary in price depending on the quantity ordered from the printer. In general, prices will be higher than in the past because the College will be ordering in smaller quantities to keep inventories small. Stationery for individual offices or administrators may be ordered at a higher cost.

Two-color cards can be purchased in quantities of 250. The cost, around $16, may vary slightly, depending on the number of sets ordered. One-color (blue) cards may be purchased in multiples of 10.