Helpdesk Solutions and FAQs

Welcome to the IT Helpdesk page. Hood's IT staff members are dedicated to helping you resolve your technology issues in a timely and efficient manner.

When a technology problem occurs, try to resolve it using the Self-Help section. Otherwise, you may either submit a work order or contact the IT Help Desk at 301-696-3622 ( When contacting Hood's IT Help Desk, be sure to include your name, room number, phone extension, any error messages and times you can be contacted.

  • Please reboot your computer prior to attempting a resolution or contacting the IT Help Desk. This action may actually correct the problem you are experiencing!
  • If you are experiencing an email issue, make sure you provide an alternate means of being contacted!

Listed below are our current most requested support links:

  • Blackboard Help     • Password Change    
  • IT Help Sheet     • Self-Service (I.Q.Web) Help    
  • Faculty/Staff E-mail instructions     • Student Email instructions    
  • Network Setup Instructions       • Supported Web Browsers    

Frequently asked questions

How do I map my personal Z: drive using Windows 7?

Quick steps:
  1. Click Start (Orb)
  2. Right click Computer
  3. Select Map Network Drive
  4. In the Drive field select Z:
  5. In the Folder or Path field enter the folder location \\terra\username$ where username$ is your Pergola network username followed by a $
  6. Put a check the Reconnect at logon box (optional).
  7. Click finish. You will be prompted for your username and password.
  8. Enter your username in the format of pergola\username (i.e. pergola\abc1) and then enter your password
  9. Click OK.

How do I map my personal Z: drive using Mac's OS X?

Quick steps:
  1. In the “Finder“, select the “Go” menu, select “Connect to Server“.
  2. Enter the address to where the resource is you wish to map in the “Server Address” field. (i.e. smb://$) where username$ is your Pergola network username
  3. Select the + button to save the Server Address to your list of “Favorite Servers“.
  4. Enter the username and password that is required to access the resource. Check the “Remember this password in my keychain” box if you wish to store the credentials for use at a later time.
  5. A new icon should appear on the desktop. That is your mapped network drive.

I can't log into the Hood Network?

What system (domain) are you trying to log on to?

Make sure the correct system (domain) is showing in the 'Log on to' box:

  • Students should be logging onto "Pergola"
  • Faculty and Staff should be logging onto "Hood".
Does the login screen contain your username?

If the username is not yours, try to log in using your username and password.

Are you typing the correct password?

Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure the CAPS LOCK is set correctly.

Are you being prompted for a new password?

Type your old password in the "Old Password" box, then type your new password in each of the next two boxes. Click "OK". Passwords must be at least 8 characters long.

Are you getting an error message?

Copy the error message and contact EUC.

Why can't I login to my Blackboard account?

User is trying to use their pre-existing internal Blackboard password which is different from their current Hood/Pergola Network password.

User has not used their Hood/Pergola Network account recently/ever and does not remember/know their Network password.

Users account is locked and will require a reset by End User Computing. Please contact End User Computing at 301-696-3622, option #3 or to request assistance.

Why can't I print locally or remotely?

Is there a message in the printer's message "window"?

  • If the message is Offline, press the 'Go' button or the 'Online' button.
  • If the message is Out of Paper, it needs to be reloaded
  • If the message is Paper Jam, refer to the Paper Jam FAQ section.
  • If the message is Low Toner, it needs to be refilled.
  • If the message is a request for Service or mentions Hardware Failure - contact EUC. Be sure to include the message.

Is there a message on your computer about the printer?

  • Copy the message exactly as it appears and contact EUC.

Does the printer have power?

  • Check the power cable. Is it plugged into both the printer and power strip (or outlet)?
  • If using a power strip, does the power strip have power?
  • If the printer still will not power on, contact EUC.

Is the printer a network printer that you share with others?

  • Can anyone else print to the printer? If no one can print, try turning the printer off and leaving it off for a minute.
    Turn the printer back on. If you still can't print, contact EUC.
  • If others can print, try accessing your P drive. If you cannot open your P drive, you are not connected to the network.
    Try rebooting your computer and be sure to write down any messages (verbatim) you may receive.
    If you still can't print, contact EUC.

Is this a local printer attached to your computer?

  • Check the printer cable connections. They should be securely attached to your computer and to the printer.
    Reboot your computer and try printing again. If you still can't print, contact EUC.