Network Access Overview

A variety of network options are available to Hood College students, faculty, and staff. Eligible users have access to Hood's network infrastructure through wired, wireless and VPN connections. The option you choose at any particular time depends on your location (i.e. an office, a classroom, a dorm, the cafeteria, your home, etc.) and the type of networking resource(s) you have available (i.e. a laptop, PDA, desktop computer, etc.)

Hood does not offer off-campus Internet connections other than student apartments.


  • Coverage in various on campus buildings
  • Labs available
  • Dorm and apartment availablity
  • Hood Network ID and password required
  VPN (Faculty/Staff)
  • Provides users with remote access to restricted resources
  • Offers secure campus network connections
  • Support for built-in client within Windows and Macintosh
  • Coverage across campus
  • Portal sign-on, Hood ID & password required
  • 802.11g-compliant card (or better) required
Off-Campus Residences
  • Comcast provides users with wired  & wireless access