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PSY 580 Master’s Thesis Preparation

(6 credits)

The master’s thesis should exhibit those qualities which are associated with genuine research: scholarship, logical consistency, creativity and comprehensiveness. The student should submit, in writing, after appropriate and extensive reading, a tentative thesis proposal. This proposal must contain a clear definition of the problem, a justification of the research, a review of previous research, a proposed method of investigation and a tentative bibliography. When the thesis proposal has been approved by a committee composed of the student’s adviser and two other members of the department faculty, the student must submit a signed cover sheet to the Graduate School Office. After official approval, the student will be registered and may begin work on the thesis. It is expected that the thesis will be completed in such a way that the finished product may be judged satisfactory as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the master’s degree. The final report must follow the APA guidelines for research papers.