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Community Connections: News and Notes from Human Resources

Community Connections: News and Notes from Human Resources.

Healthy "U" April Newsletter

Nutrition and Fitness - The Top Six Points to Remember
          by Dr. Paul Soong, M.D., Assistant Professor of Physical Education

1. The source of energy needed to fuel exercise depends on the intensity of the activity. Carbohydrates, specifically muscle glycogen, are the main energy source for high-intensity activity. Fat is the preferred source of energy during low to moderate intensity activity.

2. Protein is important to fitness because it functions to maintain, build, and repair tissues, including muscle tissue. Only small amounts of protein are used for energy during exercise.

3. Physically active female athletes are at greater risk of developing an iron deficiency and should consume iron-rich food regularly. Active people also need to be sure their calcium intake is adequate to help reduce the risk of bone fracture during physical activity.

4. Being adequately hydrated before, during, and after exercise is important to both health and athletic performance. Staying hydrated helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance and normal body temperature. Water is the best fluid for hydration during exercise, though sports drinks can be beneficial for moderate to vigorous intensity exercise that lasts longer than 60 minutes.

5. Dietary supplements are not strictly regulated for their safety and efficiency; those who choose to use them may be placing their health at risk. Some dietary supplements are used as ergogenic aids to improve athletic performance.

6. All physically active people must consume adequate calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals in order to achieve optimal fitness and athletic performance. Well-balanced meals and snacks consisting of whole foods should be the basis of an athlete's diet, with sports bars, shakes, and other supplements used only when necessary.

Faculty/Staff Fitbit Challenge Continues Through June 17
Our challenge this spring is 10,000 steps a day. Step report should be turned in at the end of the day on Tuesday, June 17. In order to qualify for the drawing you must complete 10,000 steps for each day of the challenge. Happy Stepping!!

Mindfulness Meditation - Mondays
Relax and learn stress reduction techniques by meditating with Beth O'Malley in the McHenry Interfaith Prayer Room, Mondays, 12:35-2:05 pm the Coffman Chapel basement.

Yoga at Hood - Tuesdays
Free yoga classes are provided by Sol Yoga. Classes meet Tuesdays, 5:15-6:15 pm in the Dance Studio in Gambrill Gymnasium. The last class will be Tuesday, April 29.

Hood Walking Group - Still Walking on Tuesdays
Hood's walking group leaves at noon from the plaza between Alumnae Hall and Hodson, the group walks for approximately 30 minutes rain or shine.


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