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Community Connections: News and Notes from Human Resources

Community Connections: News and Notes from Human Resources.

Healthy "U" May Newsletter

Games to Stimulate Your Mind
by Dr. Ann C. Stewart, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Every Wednesday afternoon, the Department of Mathematics hosts a Math Tea that is open to the campus community. Of course we have tea and snacks, but the real purpose of Math Tea is for students and faculty to spend time together learning about recreational mathematics topics and playing games. While they are always a nice break from the usual classwork, these games also clear the mind and get the creative juices flowing again! Here are three of our favorites, which are also suitable for playing at home with your friends and family:

SET is a group speed game that can get quite competitive! This award-winning game calls on players to find three-card "sets" hiding within 12 cards arranged on the table in a rectangular grid. Each card has four characteristics: type of shape shown on the card, number of shapes, color of the shape, and shading of the shape. A set is produced when any three cards have either all matching or all different results for each of these four characteristics. When a set is spotted, the player yells"SET" and takes the cards. Once there are no more sets, the dealer replenishes the grid back up to twelve cards and play continues. The winner is the person with the most sets once the deck is depleted. For more information click here.

This is one of our favorite games from the company ThinkFun, which is based in Alexandria, Virginia. Rush Hour is a sliding block puzzle game, where the player has to maneuver vehicles on a grid to get their car through the "traffic." Don't worry, this game will not cause the same stress that a typical rush-hour commute might provoke! There are also apps available for play on both Apple and Android devices. Learn more about Rush Hour here.

Spot It is another group speed card game. This game has 55 circular cards, each of which has eight symbols; in addition, each card has exactly one of these symbols in common with every other card in the deck. Five mini-games are based on matching the common symbol shared by a pair of cards. Check these games out at this website.

Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation
Watch for the schedule this fall.

Weekly Chapel Services
Chapel services will resume in the fall.

Yoga Classes
Sol Yoga sessions will continue in the fall.


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