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Community Connections: News and Notes from Human Resources.

Healthy "U" October Newsletter

Emotional Intelligence
          by Deborah F. Sudduth, LCSW-C, Staff Counselor, Wellness Center
We have probably all known someone, either at work or in our personal lives, who is a really good listener. They are always willing to listen and seem to know just what to say. Or maybe we have known someone who seems so calm under pressure and is able to problem solve and reach a decision. People like these are said to have a high degree of emotional intelligence. That is - they know themselves well and they are also able to sense the needs of others.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, to communicate with others, to empathize and to defuse conflict. If your emotional intelligence is high, you are able to recognize your own emotional state and the emotional state of others. This helps you engage with others in more positive ways, to form healthy relationships and to achieve greater success personally and in the work place.

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence:

Self-awareness - recognizing your emotional impact on others, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, having self-confidence

Self-regulation - the ability to control impulses and to manage emotions in healthy ways

Social awareness or empathy - the ability to understand the emotions and needs of others, to avoid stereotyping and to listen to others

Social skills - the ability to communicate with others, to manage disputes and to build and maintain relationships

The good news is that emotional intelligence can be taught and developed. You can begin with the following tips:

     Observe how you react to people. Do you rush to judgment? Stereotype? Avoid?

     Look at your work environment. Do you seek attention for your accomplishments?
     Give others a chance to shine and/or collaborate?

     Do a self-assessment. Look honestly at your strengths and weaknesses.

     Take responsibility for your actions.

     Examine how your actions impact others.

For further reading, see Daniel Goeman's Emotional Intelligence.

Food Day - Save the Date!
Join us for a night of FREE LOCAL FOOD! Our celebration commemorating Food Day will be on Monday, October 21, in Whitaker Campus Center from 6:30-8:00 pm. Seats at our sustainable dinner table, which features a delectable array of local, sustainably grown food, go to the first 60 people that register, so hurry! Doors open at 7:15 pm to the general public and campus for our lecture event on "The 'Locavore Movement' and Community Supported Agriculture." This event is open to all Hood students, faculty and staff. To register for the dinner contact Dr. Boulton at

Health and Wellness EXPO - Mark Your Calendars
Play a role in your health. Join area experts at The Frederick News Post, 351 Ballenger Center Drive, Saturday, October 26 from 10:00 am-1:00 pm. Gather advice and tips that will help you make healthier decisions for a happier you. This is a free event! For more information call (301) 662-1163 or visit

Fitbit Challenge - Walk / Run to California and Back
Join this challenge beginning September 16 and continuing through December 2. The steps of all of our participating Fitbit employees will be combined. That's a total of 5,174,000 steps each way for a grand total of 10,348,000 steps in a 12-week span. Please submit your Fitbit report to the Department of Human Resources,, the morning of December 3 to be entered into a prize drawing. Stay as active as you can!

Mindfulness Meditation - Mondays
Relax and learn stress reduction techniques by meditating with Beth O'Malley in the McHenry Interfaith Prayer Room, Mondays, 12:15-12:45 pm in the Coffman Chapel basement.

Yoga at Hood - Tuesdays
Free yoga classes are made possible by Sol Yoga. Meet Tuesdays, 5:15-6:15 pm in the dance studio in Gambrill Gymnasium. No class on October 15 (mid-term recess). Last class will be Tuesday, December 10.

Hood Walking Group - Still Walking on Tuesdays
Leaving at noon from the plaza between Alumnae Hall and Hodson, the group walks for approximately 30 minutes rain or shine. This is a great way to add steps to your daily progress with Fitbit!


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