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Steps for International Students Obtaining a Driver’s License

International students are able to obtain a driver’s license while they are studying in the U.S. Below are the steps for obtaining your driver’s license.

1. Go to the Social Security Office for Frederick, MD and ask about the paper that justifies the person cannot apply for a social security card.

Frederick Social Security Office Address:

Social Security Phone (Local) : 1-866-331-7089
Social Security Phone (Nat'l) : 1-800-772-1213
TTY : 1-800-325-0778

2. Submit an electronic SAVE Verification Request Form online. Please click here. Once you have submitted the form, a MVA representative will contact you with the verification results and information to continue the process. If you experience any difficulties with the form, or do not receive a response within five (5) business days, please send an email to

The documents you need:

  1. Sources of proof are required for age, identity, and Maryland residency (SAVE verification of lawful status through the Department of Homeland Security may be required if applicable).

  2. The knowledge (law) test and the driving skills portion of the test for a license of the equivalent class will be waived.

  3. If the driver's license is expired, then the vision, knowledge & skills tests are required.
    • Exception: licenses from France and Japan may be expired less than 1 year.
    • If over 1 year, all tests are required.
  4. Must pass the vision screening, submit a completed "vision screening" form (form # DL-043 or DL-043A) or have an authorized online vision certification provider electronically submit the vision results to the MVA
    • Test administered by vision provider must have been done within the previous 12 months.
  5. Agreement applies to non-commercial driver (class C) licenses; no learners permits, class M or commercial licenses.

  6. Provide certification of the 3-hour drug & alcohol education program.

  7. Present out-of-country license along with an international license or translation into English from the MVA's Approved Interpreter/Translator Provider Listing (if required).
    • License and any documentation pertaining to the license must be scanned into the driver’s licensing system transaction (ex: translation);
  8. Applicable fees are required.