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The mission of the Department of Economics and Management at Hood College is to provide a high-quality education in economics and business management to future leaders of industry, government, and civil society.

 At the heart of our education is a commitment to academic excellence, lifelong learning, meaningful extracurricular and co-curricular experiences, and the preparation of students for lives of responsibility, leadership, and service. In order to achieve this, we have the following strategic goals:

  • To provide a curriculum that emphasizes the core competencies in the disciplines of economics and management.
  • To offer select specialization opportunities that are relevant and timely through our various concentrations.
  • To ensure that our students have the integrative and critical thinking skills as well as quantitative and qualitative abilities to analyze complex economic, social, global, technological, and organizational problems.
  • To ascertain that our students have the necessary interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills so that they can function as productive citizens, managers, and leaders.
  • To create a collaborative teaching, learning, and research environment that emphasizes social responsibility, environmental sustainability, ethical decision-making, and a global perspective.
  • To create a community of teacher-scholars and students who are deeply engaged in real-world problem-solving.
  • To foster town-gown relations through effective partnerships with governmental and industry organizations.