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Policies on Grant Budgets

Any grant that requires a signature by a college official or any commitment from the college must go through an internal endorsement procedure that requires the signatures of the faculty member writing the grant, the department chair, the academic grants officer, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs is the authorized institutional official to sign all federal and state grant proposals. The VPAA will not sign any grant proposals that have not gone through the above institutional review.

  1. Personnel—Faculty
    Use your current academic year salary as a base for calculating salaries in any budget. For summer salary, you may take up to two months or 2/9 of your salary per summer. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the VPAA. Summer salaries may be adjusted by 5% per year in multi-year budgets. Note: faculty can use grant money to substitute for a Hood salary during the academic year when the faculty member is on leave, but cannot increase regular academic year salary through grant stipends.
  2. Personnel—Non-Faculty Employees
    If any specific individuals are named in the budget, use their current salary as a base for calculations. If the budget involves new positions, even temporary ones, consult with the VPAA and the Academic Grants Officer before proceeding
  3. Personnel—Students
    If Hood College students are named in the budget, use at least minimum wage as a base for calculations. If using dormitory space during the summer as a matching part of your grant, use $200/week.
  4. Fringe Benefits: use the figure 34% to calculate fringe benefits
  5. Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate
    The Hood College negotiated indirect cost rate is 55% of salaries.
  6. Equipment
    If your proposed budget includes any equipment for a cost of over $5,000, you must fill out the equipment section of the Hood College Grants Authorization Form to include the following items
    • At least three estimates of the cost of the equipment from reputable sources
    • An estimate of the annual maintenance and/or operating cost
    Note: If you receive the grant, you will need to send copies of the three estimates to office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  7. Cost-sharing
    If your grant proposal includes a cost-sharing or matching commitment, you must indicate on the Hood College Grants Authorization Form your sources for the match.