|  Student Engagement Credit Card Request Form
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Student Engagement Credit Card Request Form

The office of student engagement offers credit card usage to recognized student organizations. Student organizations must complete the form below no later than 48 hours in advance of their requested use date. All borrowed credit cards should be returned to the student engagement office within one business day after borrowing and must include an itemized receipt for each purchase made with the credit card. If a student fails to return the credit card within one business day or does not provide an itemized receipt, their student organization could lose credit card borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, any student found to be misusing Hood College credit cards will be held financially liable for unauthorized purchases.

  • *Organization name:
  • *Event or program name: 
  • Name of person using the card:
  • Phone number of person using the card:
  • Email of person using the card:
  • Date the card is needed:
  • Card pick up time:
  • Time the card will be returned:
  • Additional details (Please provide the estimated cost of your purchase and indicate what you will be purchasing for your organization)