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Green Initiatives

The Facilities Office has undertaken many Environmental Initiatives.

Some of these include:

a. Conversion to a certified “Green” line of housekeeping cleaning products.

b. Removal or encapsulation of the vast majority of known probable asbestos-containing materials in public access areas on campus.

c. Use of non-VOC building materials in campus projects involving paint, carpet and furniture.

d. Monitoring of indoor air quality in mechanical rooms not accessible by the public.

e. Instituting a Preventive Maintenance Program to keep the building exterior envelope watertight to reduce the probability of water infiltration and mold growth in the interior of buildings.

f. Making capital repairs to building roofing and plumbing systems as funds are available to prevent water from entering the interior spaces of buildings.

g. Remediating mold, if it is located.

h. Remediating asbestos, if detected.

i. Employing energy reduction programs to limit the amount of CO, CO2, and NO2 entering the atmosphere as a result of energy use by Hood.

j. Reducing the amount of waste that is taken to the landfill.