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Student Phones and Instructions

Student residence hall rooms will have either

Optiset E Basic Phone
1*** extensions

The Optiset E Basic or the "Primary" phone with 8 feature keys (only 3 of which will be functional) and a speaker.

Optiset E Entry Phone  

2*** extensions The Optiset E Entry or the Second phone with 3 feature keys.

Feature Keys | Status Lights | Internal/External Calls | SpeakerVolume/Tone | Sounds | Call Forwarding | Speed Dialing  

Feature Keys

Each student phone device uses only 3 feature keys: PHML- PRESS to access PhoneMail; see Hood PhoneMailCONNECT- PRESS to alternate between two parties LINE- one for each extension, PRESS to a get dial tone

Status Lights

The red light next to the LINE key designates the status of line

  • OFF- line is available
  • ON STEADY- line is in use
  • BLINKING-line is ringing
  • FLASHING (faster)- line is on hold
  • FLICKERING (fastest)-line is forwarded

Internal Calls

Get a dial tone AND dial the extension.

External Calls

Get a dial tone, dial 9, listen for dial tone and dial the outside number. (for long distance calls, enter your PIN)


In the Optiset E Basic phone ONLY, the device contains a speaker. *This enables the user to receive or listen to calls without using the handset. You MUST, however, use the handset to speak to the other party.

To change the volume or tone of the ring:

Volume and Tone


  • PRESS + and - at the same time
  • PRESS the 1 key
  • ADJUST the volume with the + and - key
  • PRESS + and - at the same time to set volume


  • PRESS + and - at the same time
  • PRESS the 2 key
  • ADJUST the tone with the + and - key
  • PRESS + and - at the same time to set tone


The digital phone device makes different sounds to provide information about and to indicate the type of incoming call.

  • Single ring - internal call
  • Double ring - external call
  • Long ring with Burst - party is on the other line
  • Broken tone (when listening to handset) - message is waiting

Forwarding Calls

This option allows you to automatically redirect your incoming calls to another extension or an outside number.


  • get DIAL tone
  • PRESS # 91
  • LISTEN for beeping sound
  • DIAL the extension or outside number to which you wish to forward your calls
  • hang-up and your calls will be automatically forwarded  


  • get DIAL tone
  • PRESS # # 91
  • LISTEN for steady sound
  • Hang-up and your calls will be directed to your extension  

Speed Dialing

This option lets the user create speed codes that when dialed will transfer the caller directly to an extension or outside number

  • get DIAL tone
  • PRESS # # 3 to set up a speed code
  • ENTER the station code you want to set up
  • LISTEN for the confirmation tone
  • ENTER the extension or number
  • Hang-up and the speed code will register