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I-20 Application Process

After you’ve been admitted to a graduate program, follow the steps below to apply for a student (F-1) visa:

  1. Fill out your Form I-20 application online. The online link will provided to you via email after your admission decision at Hood College. The Hood College SEVIS code is BAL214F00012000.
    • Please be sure to complete all parts of the Form I-20 application.
    • Provide your complete home country foreign address and telephone number.
    • If you are an F-1 transfer student , you also need to provide a domestic address and telephone number in the U.S.
    • Please note that the application fee will be applied toward your student account before we have issued your form I-20.
  2. If you are currently on an F1 visa, you must also fill out a Form I-20 Transfer application found at this link.
    • Have the DSO at your current school sign and release your information in SEVIS.
    • Upload a copy of the completed and signed transfer I-20 form as part of your form I-20 application.
    • A copy of your current I-20 and your dependent I-20s (pages 1 and 2) from your transfer out school. Please scan and upload it as part of your I-20 application.
  3. Along with your I-20 application, we will also need a financial guarantee, including:
    • A bank statement (yours or the person who will be financing you) that shows line items of deposits and withdrawals. Please have this in U.S. dollars if possible. The statement should show a balance of at least $30,000 USD. The bank document letter should be in the official bank letter head, it should have the name of the bank account holder and it should be sealed and signed.
    • Copy of the original copies of the bank statement.
    • A letter from your bank guaranteeing the balance of your account; converted to U.S. dollars.
    • Scholarship documents showing your financial guarantee (if you are being supported by a scholarship). If you are a SACM student, you would need a valid financial guarantee letter.
    • If you have a sponsor who support your education expenses for $30000 USD, you need to complete the attached affidavit of support found at this link. The document should be signed and stamped by the bank.
    • Please upload the copy of financial documents as part of complete your I-20 application.
  4. Provide a copy of your passport. Please scan and upload it as part of your I-20 application.

  5. If you are currently on a visa, we will need a copy of your visa, a copy of the front and back of your I-94 or a print-out of your I-94. Please scan and upload it as part of your I-20 application.

  6. If you have any dependents we will need the following:
    • A copy of their passport(s) or
    • A copy of their visa(s) and I-94(s) if the dependents are already in the US
    • The amount of $7,000 per dependent added to the living expense total on the I-20 application.
  7. Please direct your quest to the PDSO at

Elyas Abubakr
Primary Designated School Official
The Graduate School at Hood College
401 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701


New students may register by submitting the online registration form via secure email submission, mail, fax, or in person.

To look up which courses are being offered this coming semester, please visit the Self Service website. Below are instructions for navigating through Self Service, our student portal.

  1. Click on "Search" then "Section Search".

  2. Change the "Period" field to the semester you wish to take courses and the "Session" field to Main Session.

  3. Click on Advanced Search tab.

  4. Enter the course prefix, if known, in the "Course Code" field (ex: IT, MGMT, ECON, MATH, etc.) Registration type is "Both". All courses will appear if the field is left blank.

  5. Change the "Program" field to Graduate.

  6. Click the "Search" button at the bottom of the screen.

  7. Scroll through each screen and click the "Next" button until you get to the desired course.

If you need help selecting your courses, please contact your academic adviser. Your academic adviser’s contact information can be found in the admission packet we sent to you.

Orientation and Check-In for International Graduate Students

Orientation will be held before courses begin to help you become familiar with the campus and region. You will receive an overview of classroom expectations, general policies and key rules of Hood College and gain an understanding of academic integrity conduct in American classrooms. This is also a great opportunity to get to know fellow students, faculty and staff. You can let us know if you will be attending by using this link. You will also receive email notification of these events.

Once a student has been admitted to the Graduate School and has received his/her I-20, it is the student’s responsibility to arrive on Hood’s campus and to report to Mr. Elyas Abubakr on the first day of International Orientation with a copy of his/her passport, F-1 visa stamp, the printed I-94 document and current U.S. address. Your required immigration documents check-in needs to be completed prior to the first day of classes at Hood College. Failure to do so and/or failure to attend class before the drop/add deadline will automatically result in the deferment of the student’s admission to the following semester. In addition, SEVIS will automatically terminate any student who has not reported by the first day of classes.

Placement in a course is also not guaranteed if a student fails to arrive for the first class of the semester. 

Please note that any student who drops or who is withdrawn from courses after the start of the semester will incur a bill for 20% of the tuition fees for those courses.