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Faculty in the Department of Biology are committed teachers and mentors who work with students to study the living world, develop critical thinking skills and integrate concepts from our broad curriculum to solve biological problems. From investigating genes and cells to studying ecosystems, we emphasize a strong foundation in biology that includes practical classroom, laboratory and field experiences.

We pride ourselves on offering an environment that fosters student-faculty interactions and hands-on learning. In addition, faculty actively engage students in a rich variety of learning activities and research projects, a true hallmark of our commitment to a high quality undergraduate experience in biology.

The Department of Biology offers two programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Both programs benefit from Hood’s graduate programs in biomedical science, environmental biology and bioinformatics; seniors have opportunities to take advanced elective courses that are generally not offered at small liberal arts colleges. Graduates have expressed that this provides a real head start for graduate school, medical school and the job market.

The Department of Biology is housed in the Hodson Science and Technology Center. Classrooms and labs are equipped with multimedia teaching tools, including access to web-based technologies. Specialized equipment and laboratories for ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, cell culture and physiology are available for course work and student-faculty research collaborations.