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M.S. in Computer Science


Where can I find a detailed description of the new MS program in Computer Science?

A printed descriptive brochure will soon be available from the Graduate School. Click here for a full description of the program on the departmental website.

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How does the new program fit in with currently existing programs in the Computer Science Department?

The department currently offers the following graduate programs: MS in Computer Science, the new program; MS in Information Technology; and MS in Management of Information Technology (MIT), offered jointly with the Department of Economics and Management.

The current Computer Science Concentration within the MSCIS degree will be supported only for currently enrolled students, including students who entered in the fall of 2004. This concentration will be phased out when they graduate. New students wishing to do a technical computer science master’s program must enroll in the new degree program.

In the longer term, the department is developing a new MS program in Information Technology to eventually replace the Information Technology Concentration within the MSCIS degree. In the meantime, current students and new students wishing to do a master’s program in information technology will continue with the Information Technology Concentration within the current MSCIS degree.

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When will the new program be available?

The new program was recently approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and is available right now. The department has already started phasing in some of the new courses needed for the program, and others will be phased in over the next several semesters.

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As a currently enrolled student, can I switch to the new program?

You can switch into the new program if you meet the entrance requirements for the program, are willing to do some extra course work, and get approval from the program director. The new program has undergraduate courses, or their equivalent, in differential and integral calculus as an entrance requirement. Also, the new program requires 33 credits beyond prerequisite courses. CSCI 519 Advanced Data Structures cannot be counted toward the 33 credits; in the new program it is a prerequisite course.

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If I switch to the new program can I switch back to my current program?

If you have not yet filed a Degree Candidacy Form (DCF), you may, if approved, switch to the new program but will not have the option of switching back.

If you have already filed the DCF and you are approved to switch to the new program, you will need to file a new DCF in consultation with your advisor. You will have the choice of switching back to the MSCIS degree.

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After I fulfill the requirements for the new degree, will I also receive the old degree?

Although it appears that if you fulfill the requirements for the new degree you will have fulfilled the requirements for the old degree, practically you won’t be able to get both. That would be equivalent to doing a second Hood degree program, and you can only apply 6 credits from one degree program to a second degree.

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What if I have further questions and wish to discuss in more detail the possibility of my switching?

Consult with your academic advisor (or any academic advisor if you have not been assigned a specific one) about the possibility of switching and then talk to the program director.

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