photo of watershed stream studies


Hood-CCWS offers a range of watershed services supporting private citizens, not-for-profit organizations, homeowner associations and government agencies. 


Services we provide on a stand-alone and long-term contract basis:

  • Harmful Algal Bloom Studies
  • Water Quality Monitoring 
  • Watershed Assessments
  • Trainings for community groups to collaborate on water quality monitoring design and implementation

Field Services:Deploying Air and Water Temperature Loggers

  • Benthic macro-invertebrates
  • Harmful algal bloom (HAB) monitoring
  • Plankton sampling
  • Stream Embeddedness
  • Lake Morphology
  • Water physical and chemical parameter sampling
  • Flow/Discharge measurements
  • Storm water event sampling
  • Water and Air Temperature, long-term monitoring

Laboratory ServicesStudent in lab

The Hood-CCWS laboratory is equipped to conduct a variety of physical and chemical parameters. We are also able to provide general taxonomic identification of algal and cyanobacteria genera.

Contact us for a for list of parameters offered and pricing.

Often, nonprofit environmental organizations require third-party evaluation of grant-sponsored programs. We can conduct such evaluations for projects that have both an environmental and social dimension. Please contact us for more information.