photo of watershed stream studies


Hood-CCWS offers a range of watershed services supporting private citizens, not-for-profit organizations, homeowner associations, and government agencies. 

IMG_3095_0.JPEGServices we provide:

• Water Quality Studies
• Watershed Assessment
• Environmental Program Assessment

The Center is equipped to offer the following field and laboratory services. We can also provide training for watershed groups to collaborate on water quality monitoring designs.

Field Services:

  • Water samplingDeploying Air and Water Temperature Loggers
  • Storm water event sampling
  • Electro-fishing
  • Plankton
  • Benthic macro-invertebrates
  • Stream Embeddedness
  • Lake Morphology

Long term monitoring:

  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Water and Air Temperature
  • Ambient Light (PAR)
  • Flow / Discharge

Laboratory Services

The Hood-CCWS laboratory is equipped to conduct a variety of physical and chemical analysis. Contact us for a for list of parameters offered and pricing. 

The center offers services to help assess the condition of a watershed. Data generated from our assessments provide important information to local decision makers, which can aid as a guide for improvements. Reports generated by the assessment will include recommendations for conservation investments such as storm water management strategies.

Assessments can take the form of:

  • GIS watershed evaluations
  • Field sampling and laboratory analysis
  • Habitat and Stream Corridor Assessments

Often non-profit environmental organizations require third-party evaluation of grant-sponsored programs. We can conduct such evaluations for projects that have both an environmental and social dimension. Please contact us for more information.