A nursing student using the state of the art technology in the nursing labratory

Nursing Laboratory

Hood College Nursing Laboratory – Toll House

  • The Hood College Nursing Laboratory contains a 25-seat computer lab/classroom, six patient rooms, two offices, a storage room and a control room.
  • The patient rooms simulate a six-room hospital suite. Each room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art patient monitors, simulated oxygen, suctioning, and hospital beds for patient care. 
  • The hospital-like rooms can be converted into intensive care, pediatric, obstetric and patient-centered care rooms. 
  • Simulation scenarios and debriefing sessions are used to teach students the latest evidence-based practice, while enhancing the student’s critical thinking skills.
  • Students practice on Laerdal Simulation manikins in the patient rooms. 
  • Each patient room contains cameras for recording simulations and broadcasting them to the classroom. 
  • The simulation control room allows the coordinator to operate the manikins from a different room, while allowing the student to care for the manikin as if it were a real patient in a real health-care setting. 
  • Two patient rooms, which are used for the most advanced simulation scenarios, can be viewed through one-way windows from the control room. 
  • Our high-fidelity simulators include SimMom, which can simulate a full-term pregnancy with delivery, and SimMan Essential, which allows students to practice nursing skills from the most basic (vital signs, medication administration, etc.) to the most advanced critical care scenarios.

Hood College’s seventeen human patient simulators include:

  • SimMan 3G + (1) 
  • SimMan Essential (1) 
  • SimMom (1) 
  • Nursing Anne (1) 
  • Geriatric Nursing Anne (2) 
  • SimJunior (1) 
  • SimNewB (1) 
  • SimBaby (1) 
  • Nursing Kelly (2) 
  • CAE Juno (5) 
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) (1) 

Types of Simulation: 

  • Virtual Simulation  
  • Virtual Reality (Oculus) Simulation 
  • Hands on High Fidelity Simulation