RN Scholarship Program

Frederick Health offers a limited number of scholarships annually, as determined by the annual budget. The program is intended to be beneficial to both the employee/candidate and the Hospital. 

The hospital agrees to fund a portion of the employee/candidate’s education in return for a pre-determined length of employment with Frederick Health after graduation. The hospital will pay, as outlined below for tuition, required books, lab fees and school, required uniforms as appropriate for a period of up to four (4) years. 

The maximum monetary value of the scholarship is $22,000.

CollegeEmployedNot Employed
Year 1 Nursing Prerequisites$4,000 
Year 2 Nursing Prerequisites$4,000 
Year 3 Nursing Program$4,000 
Year 4 Nursing Program$5,000$5,000
Upon Graduation$5,000$5,000
Total Financial Assistance$22,000$10,000

*Employment must be a minimum of 12 hours per week to receive this scholarship program.

Read the details of the RN Scholarship Program.