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Research and Special Programs

Hood College and the economics faculty provide economics majors with numerous opportunities to conduct research on current and historical economic issues. This includes:

Independent Study

Directed readings and/or attendance at conferences with a supervising instructor, culminating with the writing of papers, reports and/or exams.

Departmental Honors Paper

Invitations are issued by the economics faculty to particularly strong students to pursue a two-term research project in the senior year under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

Various Grants

Hood offers competitive grants, such as the Second Century Grant, to encourage students to undertake independent research. Additionally, we provide grants, such as the Summer Research Institute, to conduct collaborative research with faculty members.

In the last several years students who have written honors papers have compared the Central American customs union with the European Economic Community’s economic union, compared welfare policies in several American states, studied the impact of single fathers and custody of children on welfare, examined the establishment of a common currency (the Euro) in the European Economic Community, and empirically analyzed the impact of differences in ethnic diversity across countries on cross country differences in economic growth rates. In addition, several students have worked closely with one or more faculty members on joint research projects funded by the Summer Research Institute. In 2002-2003 a student and faculty member wrote an econometric (empirical) paper on the impact of corruption on economic growth. That paper was published in June 2004 by the academic journal, World Development. In 2003-2004, a student worked with a faculty member on a research paper on the effectiveness of industrial policy in Malaysia. That paper will soon be submitted to the academic journal, Studies in Comparative International Development.

Student Research in Management

Hood College provides its management students opportunities to conduct research on management issues that challenge today’s business world.

Independent Study

Includes directed readings, conferences with a supervising instructor, and papers, reports and/or exams.

Departmental Honors Paper

This is a senior-year program designed for students who wish to pursue intensive research on topics of their interest with the help of faculty advisers.