Ann L. Boyd

Ann Boyd
  • Undergraduate Faculty
  • Graduate Faculty

Professor of Biology

Program Director, Master's in Biomedical Science

Hodson Science and Technology Center, Room 161


Teaching a variety of course topics and a diversity of students is an awesome challenge as well as a chance to learn. Graduate students in virology, genetics, and science and ethics bring different experiences to the classroom, creating an exciting learning environment.

Undergraduates in the honors program in courses from the freshman year (Epidemics and Ethics) to upper level electives (Global issues in Public Health) write very interesting essays in response to the material we cover. I try to make the classroom an interactive learning environment that respects diverse opinions and celebrates student success.


  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Microbiology
  • M.S., Northwestern State University, Microbiology
  • B.S., Northwestern State University, Microbiology

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