Chaz Martinsen

Hood College Ceramics Professor
  • Undergraduate Faculty
  • Graduate Faculty

Visiting Assistant Professor of Ceramic Arts

Director of the Ceramic Arts Program

Tatem 202


The functional vessels I create utilize 3D printing to define specific geometries that are then mechanically reproduced through slip casting. The work complements the machine like precision of the geometric forms with atmospheric firings. Atmospheric firings create an intuitive surface that has similarities between pieces, yet is never perfectly recreated from one piece to another. I seek a balance of total control over the form and an intuitive surface described by the presence and action of heat.

My approach to art making begins with a set of desired outcomes. I then create a plan that has guidelines to direct the project. During the making process, some facets of the project are successful while others are not. I rework and redesign aspects of the project until the desired outcomes are reached. I apply this same ethos throughout my teaching while I mentor and collaborate with students towards their interests in making.

To grow and reach their potential, students first need to understand what is expected of them in the form of learning outcomes and objectives. At the start of the course, I present these learning outcomes to the students. These outline the knowledge and technical skills that they will obtain by the end of the term. Each project is designed not only to teach the necessary technical and conceptual skills, but also to reinforce communication skills, critical thinking and social interactions. My teaching style is passionate, full of positive energy, and flexible in that I adjust to the constant challenges that students present to me as an educator.


MFA in Ceramics and Digital Fabrication - California State University, Chico

BA in Applied Design - Emphasis in Ceramics - San Diego State University