Claire Hudson

Claire Hudson
  • Undergraduate Faculty




I am an instructor in the biology department and coordinator of the semester-long interdisciplinary Coastal Studies Program. Additionally, in March 2020, I took over as the interim manager of the Frederick Food Security Network

I teach courses related to environmental science and sustainability and am a strong advocate for food systems changes in our community. My research interests are include rainwater harvesting and the safety of using rooftop runoff for irrigation in urban agriculture.  I also have experience investigating and analyzing of cyanotoxins found in cyanobacteria and throughout the food chain of aquatic organisms. 

My passion for the natural world is not limited to the aquatic environment, I love to explore the woods and have a passion for plants and how humans interact with them. Ethnobotany and botanical medicines are subjects of much fascination and as a result, I spend my spare time researching medicinal herbs. I love organic gardening, hiking and exploring nature at every opportunity.


  • M.S., Hood College, environmental biology
  • B.S., Victoria University, New Zealand, marine biology

Would you like to serve as an AmeriCorps ASTAR member?

We are recruiting our next cohort of 300-hour AmeriCorps interns to work with us starting August 15, 2020. Members who give 300 hours of volunteer work with Frederick Food Security Network will receive a ~$1,310 education award which can be applied to student loans or future tuition. It can also be grandfathered to immediate descendants. Reach out if you are interested!