Janie J.C. O'Neal

  • Undergraduate Faculty

Instructor of English

Composition Coordinator

Rosenstock Hall, Room 211
Office Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 12:30-2pm Online


I started teaching ENGL 100, Elements of Composition as an adjunct instructor in fall 2006. Much has changed during my time of “living in RO220,” but one thing that stays the same is the need for every student to be able to write well. Students placed into the 4-credit ENGL 100 learn (or relearn) how to write effectively, read critically, use research, and express themselves clearly.

Because ENGL 100 is a challenging “experience,” camaraderie is important. I make sure my students know that my classroom is our classroom, where we come together to write, read and discuss what we have written and read. Writing may be a solitary activity, but writers should not be alone. That, I believe, is the difference between just writing, and becoming a writer.

And, becoming a writer is what ENGL 100 is all about!


  • MLS, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, College Park, Archives and Preservation
  • B.A., Binghamton University, English, Literature and Rhetoric