Nora El-Bilawi

Nora El-Bilawi
  • Undergraduate Faculty
  • Graduate Faculty

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education

Tatem Arts Center, Room 117


My specialties are in multicultural multilingual education, ESOL, and curriculum and instruction. When I was an ESOL teacher at the Prince William Country schools for six years, my passion grew to learn more about diversity and language learning demographics. 

In 2008, I started teaching graduate and undergraduate courses as an adjunct professor at George Mason University for both local and international teachers in online, hybrid and in face-to-face class format. This experience enriched my experience and empowered my research interests on cultural studies, educational reform cross culturally, and on international perspectives of language learning methods and strategies. To venture more in the international education arena, I worked in 2014-16 as an assistant professor of education at the American University in Dubai, UAE. This international experience deepened my cross-cultural experience.

Through both the educational and the professional journey, I was able to publish articles in A journals, publish a book on my doctoral dissertation, and present in many important conferences like AERA. I have also worked as an independent consultant and provided many professional development workshops for international audiences. I continue to learn more in the field of education through my passion for teaching and my belief in research community of practice.


  • Ph.D. George Mason University
  • M.Ed., George Mason University
  • M.A., George Mason University