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Biology (B.A.)

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About this Program

Majors in biology obtain a broad and modern education in the biological sciences.

Program Overview

You will integrate concepts from the broad curriculum to solve real world, biological problems. From investigating genes and cells to studying ecosystems, you will gain a strong foundation in biology that includes practical classroom, laboratory and field experience.

As a biology student, you will have the opportunity to take graduate-level elective courses that are generally not offered at other schools our size.

You will have access to our well-equipped labs for ecology, microbiology, molecular biology, cell culture and physiology; a greenhouse to grow and study plants; and a suite of labs for the growth and study of aquatic organisms.

You can conduct research with our faculty using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities found right in our department. Collectively, our research and classroom experiences will provide you with the tools you need for graduate school and medical school, as well as other health professions or your career.

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The Biology Minor

The biology minor provides students a foundation in biology. The biology minor is organized to familiarize students with the broad areas of biological investigation, cellular and molecular biology, physiology, organismal biology and ecology.

Program Contact

Kathy Falkenstein

Associate Professor of Biology, Department Chair


Degrees Offered

  • BA
  • Minor

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Program Social Media

Eric Annis

Biology Professor Eric Annis Uses Grant Money for Lobster Research

Biology professor Eric Annis was granted money for research into how the juvenile lobster populations are shifting in Maine in response to climate change.

Our faculty...

are committed teachers and mentors who will work with you to study diverse aspects of the living world.

All Faculty
Boulton photo_2020

April Boulton

  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • Dean of the Graduate School
Ann Boyd

Ann L. Boyd

  • Professor of Biology
  • Program Director, Master's in Biomedical Science
Susan Carney

Susan Carney

  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • Program Director, Master's in Environmental Biology
Miranda Darby

Miranda Darby

  • Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics
  • Program Director, Master's in Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics Certificate
Kim Daehwan

Daehwan Kim

  • Assistant Professor of Biology
  • The Hodson/Maryland Endowed Chair in Advanced Bioproducts Research and Education
Eric Kindahl

Eric Kindahl

  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • Program Director, Environmental Science & Policy
Craig Laufer

Craig Laufer

  • Professor of Biology
  • Co-director of the Honors Program
Debbie Ricker

Debbie Ricker

  • Provost
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Professor of Biology

Peter Vos

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology