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Coastal Studies (Minor)

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About this Program

The minor is largely travel-based and designed to provide students with both textbook and first-hand knowledge of environmental challenges currently facing coastal regions.

Program Overview

Our travel-based, experiential learning program provides a solid academic framework for the study of environmental science, and can be applied toward your major in environmental science and policy.

This interdisciplinary research practicum—an open-ended inquiry into environmental issues in the Chesapeake Bay region—weaves together scientific, historical and cultural threads to act as a unifying element for a semester-long experience.

Program Contact

Drew Ferrier

Director of the Coastal Studies Program


Degrees Offered

  • Concentration
  • Minor

Fast Fact

Drew Ferrier is a broadly trained aquatic biologist who works with students to investigate the organisms and processes found in oceans, estuaries, lakes and rivers.

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