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Computational Science (B.S.)

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About this Program

Computational science is a great major for students who are interested in mathematics, computing and a natural or physical science.

Program Overview

Computational science is a new, interdisciplinary field, one which uses applied mathematics and computer science to solve problems in another science. You might address problems such as modeling the weather or earthquakes, or predicting subatomic particle behavior.

In this major, you will take courses in mathematics and computer science to gain the basic skills and knowledge you need. At the same time, you will take courses in your chosen area of concentration to obtain depth in an applied science.

Then, as a senior, you will complete a project with two faculty advisors—one in mathematics or computer science and the other in your area of concentration—that will demonstrate the power of mathematics and computing to address issues in your concentration field.

Computational Science Concentrations

  • Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Physics

Program Contact

Ann Stewart

Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department Chair


Degrees Offered

  • BS

In demand

Studying computational science at Hood allows you to build an interdisciplinary set of skills that are currently in high demand in the real world.

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