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Religion (B.A.)

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About this Program

The religion major acquaints students with the world’s major religious traditions and helps students develop a critical understanding of the issues involved in the academic study of religion.

Program Overview

The major in religion emphasizes the study of the texts, customs, myths and rituals of numerous religious traditions. In addition to the Christian tradition, we offer courses in Islam, Judaism, Chinese Thought and Indian Thought.

Our degree program also offers a wide range of courses emphasizing different approaches to religion. We also help you develop the critical thinking and analytic skills needed for detailed study of religious tenets and texts. Our graduates have excelled in a variety of graduate and professional schools.

You may choose to major in religion for the same reasons that other students major in history or literature: to cultivate a deeper grounding in a discipline of interest to you and to master a variety of useful skills.

The Religion Minor

The religion minor gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of religions and issues confronting religion in today’s world.

Program Contact

Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair


Degrees Offered

  • BA
  • Minor

Fast Fact

College graduates are healthier and more engaged in their communities. They volunteer more and have a higher voting rate.

All Faculty

Karen Hoffman

  • Professor of Philosophy
  • Department Chair
  • Co-Director of the Honors Program
Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

Tamelyn Tucker-Worgs

  • Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Department Chair
  • Associate Professor of African American Studies