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Integrated Marketing Communications (B.A.)

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About this Program

This major focuses on both the management function of public relations and marketing professionals, and the communication functions of developing a brand identity and marketing it across a variety of media to a target audience.

Program Overview

Today, marketing, public relations, social media and advertising are integrated functions. Hood’s major in integrated marketing communication is distinct because it is an interdisciplinary program offered jointly by the Department of English and Communication Arts and The George B. Delaplaine Jr. School of Business, where most are offered by one department. Our major offers a full complement of classes from both departments, providing you a more balanced IMC curriculum to move you forward academically and professionally.

You’ll benefit from both disciplines and learn the theory of organizations; the process of communicating information about a product, service or organization; the role of the marketing and public relations professional within an organization; and the central importance of the consumer in making decisions.

In the capstone Seminar in Communication Ethics, you’ll confront the ethical questions and concerns raised by the new ways to communicate. You can apply the practical and leadership skills you learn in the classroom by joining student media or the Public Relations Student Society of America. You’ll be required to complete an internship that gives you real-world experience in your field. Our students have interned at both for-profit and nonprofit organizations in Frederick, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

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Associate Professor of Journalism


Associate Professor of Management


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Ilobekeme Ojeifo

Graduate Student Spotlight | Ilobekeme "Beke" Ojeifo

Ilobekeme "Beke" Ojeifo, M.S. Management Information Systems Alumni Graduate School Graduate Student Undergraduate Student

"I love MIS because the curriculum is flexible, and it teaches students to learn how best to manage information systems within any organization"

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Larry Devan

  • Adjunct Professor of Economics and Management
Alan Goldenbach

Alan Goldenbach

  • Associate Professor of Communication Arts and Journalism
  • Adviser to Blazer Radio
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Mark Sandona

  • Professor of English
  • Chair, Department of English and Communication Arts