Philosophy (B.A.)

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About this Program

The philosophy major introduces students to the central figures and key issues in the world’s philosophical traditions.

Program Overview

Philosophy encourages you to challenge your assumptions about reality, meaning and value. You will explore questions concerning the nature of being and existence, the distinction between knowledge and opinion, the nature of truth, the proper role of government, the development of good character and the determination of right and wrong.

As we confront quandaries posed by the latest developments in science and technology, philosophy has never been more relevant. For example, hospital officials have hired medical ethicists (who hold doctorates in philosophy) to conduct seminars, develop lecture series, go along on rounds and confer with physicians and other medical personnel on important questions of life and death.

Philosophy majors often pursue graduate-level degrees. Whatever your goals, our program can serve you well because of its emphasis on the importance of clarity of thought and expression, critical thinking and effective writing—valuable skills in any career. The philosophy major at Hood provides an excellent foundation in the discipline as well as opportunities for directed research and internships.

Degrees Offered

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The philosophy minor offers an introduction to philosophical approaches, both Western and Eastern. Students in any major will find the philosophy minor useful in providing exposure to intellectual debate and to the theoretical basis of many academic disciplines.


Our program features an ethics minor and helps support minors in classical studies, Arabic and Middle Eastern studies and studies in women and gender.

Broad Application

Philosophy majors pursue careers in education, law, government, communications and more.

Career Outlook

Explore philosophy occupations through the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Program Contact

Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair


Our faculty...

publish books and articles, travel internationally, bring research into the classroom, and advise and mentor students daily. They represent a wide range of interests and strengths; their primary concern is teaching.

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Ann L. Boyd

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