Outstanding Recent Alumni Award

The 2019 Outstanding Recent Alumna award was presented to Adrianne Wells Washington ’04.

Adrianne has been recognized for her work as an educator and peer mentor in the Baltimore County Community College system. In 2015 and 2016, she took her honors students to Ireland and Nicaragua where they participated in projects that gave them real-life, hands-on, community-based social work experiences. She has served with her students for countless hours, leading by example, through innovative teaching methods and community project development and execution. Through her “Literacy for Logan” campaign, students managed a fundraiser to supply Baltimore County’s Logan Elementary School with books and school supplies for the entire first grade population. Adrianne’s inventive approach to social work curriculum development, which combines the foundations of sociology and community service, garnered her the 2016 Teacher of the Year Award for the Community College of Baltimore County by the Chamber of Commerce. In 2018, she was the recipient of the Exemplar Advisor Award, and her honors program was awarded Program of the Year, both presented by the CCBC student life division.

2019Adrianne Wells Washington ’04
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