Distinguished Alumni Award

The 2022 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award is Mary K. Mannix '82.

Mary was nominated for this award by multiple professional peers and colleagues because of her significant contributions to the Frederick and Western Maryland historical communities.

As a professional archivist, Mary has been a constant resource and mentor for over 60 interns and volunteers, including 21 students from Hood. For Hood’s 125th Anniversary, Mary hosted a two-month visual Hood History exhibit at Frederick’s C. Burr Artz Library. She also donated at least 30 hours of her own time to conduct oral history interviews for the 125 Project.  She has served as co-chair of the Frederick Historic Sites Consortium and as an advisor to the African American Heritage Society (AARCH), helping them to network within the county and state to raise the profile of their organization.

Mary has been unceasing in her efforts to bring local and state history to the forefront of national organizations and exhibits and continues to champion the cause of “stories yet to be told” with her genealogical research. Most importantly, as a Hood alumna, she embodies the tradition of leading a purposeful life of responsibility and leadership through service and civic engagement.

2022Mary K. Mannix '82
2021 Valerie Saxton Sharpe, '76, P'09


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