How to Be a Good Internship Supervisor

  • Develop a comprehensive job description for the intern, similar to what you would provide to an employee at your organization. Review this job description with the intern during the interview, and then on the intern's first day. 
  • Have a plan for the intern's first day. Set up the work area for the intern in advance. Will the intern have access to voicemail and email? If so, arrange to have those in place upon the intern's arrival. Have some basic projects available for the intern to start. 
  • Be sure to provide opportunities for your intern to meet others in your organization and in your field. At the start of the internship, take the time to introduce the intern to as many people as possible. Build in opportunities throughout the semester for the intern to work with others in the office. 
  • Remember to include your intern in as many projects, meetings and events as possible. Observing the workings of your organization is a wonderful way for your intern to learn about your field! 
  • Schedule regular meetings with your intern to talk about projects and progress toward goals. Also, make time to speak with your intern about his/her career plans and answer any questions that the intern may have about the workings of your office or organization. Get to know something about your intern and what interests her/him about your field. 
  • Complete the internship evaluations in a timely manner. One is due at mid-semester and the other is due at the end of the internship. You should complete the evaluation and discuss it with your intern prior to sending it to the Career Center. Be clear and honest in your appraisal of the intern. Your comments can be very helpful to your intern's professional development!