Sponsoring an Intern

Hood College welcomes the opportunity to partner with your organization to provide internship opportunities to the next generation of the workforce. Hood College encourages all of its students to grow professionally by participating in internships. The College supports this initiative by awarding academic credit for students participating in internships. 

Designing an Internship Program 

Points to Consider 

  • Will the organization have enough work for the intern? 
  • In which department will the intern be placed and who will supervise the intern? 
  • What skills am I looking for an intern to have? 
  • Does a staff member have the time to monitor an intern? 
  • Will the internship be paid or unpaid? 
  • Do I have a job description completed for the internship? 


  • The intern must have a designated supervisor. 
  • If the internship is paid, we require that you carry worker's compensation. 
  • A Learning Agreement must be completed and signed prior to the start of the internship. 
  • On-site supervisors must complete a mid-term and final evaluation. 
  • Regular communications with faculty advisors is recommended.

Hiring An Intern 

Internships are professional work experience; therefore, it is appropriate to use the same hiring strategies for an intern as you would for a professional employee. We suggest that you review résumés and conduct an interview before hiring an individual. 

If you require more information on designing an internship or would like to set up a meeting to discuss an internship, please contact the Center for Career Development.

Bre Harwood, '16,M.A.'19, Assistant Director of Career Development and Experiential Learning          (301) 696-3583, harwood@hood.edu